fredag 16 februari 2018

De islamistiska hoten mot franska judar

Foto: Astrid Nydahl
Jag rekommenderar idag en läsning av artikeln Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic Cleansing som finns på Gatestone Institute. Den inleds med följande stycken:
Graffiti on Jewish-owned homes warn the owners to "flee immediately" if they want to live. Anonymous letters with live bullets are dropped into mailboxes of Jews. 
Laws meant to punish anti-Semitic threats are now used to punish those who denounce the threats. A new edition of a public school history textbook for the eighth grade states that in France it is forbidden to criticize Islam. 
Those French Jews who can leave the country, leave. Most departures are hasty; many Jewish families sell their homes well below the market price. Jewish districts that once were thriving are now on the verge of extinction. 
"The problem is that anti-Semitism today in France comes less from the far right than from individuals of Muslim faith or culture". — Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. 

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